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Garage Door Repair

We repair all residential and commercial garage doors. Same day service is available and we work 24/7.

Opener Repair

Are you suddenly experiencing problems with your garage door opener? Does it not open all the way? Does it not open with a remote? We repair residential & commercial garage door openers

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Cable Repair

Your garage door cables are an important part of the overall garage door system. When your cables break, it can end up leaving your entire garage door unusable.

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Lock Replacement

Sometimes door lock mechanisms can fail due to damage or long-term wear and tear. Our same day door lock repairs service can repair your locks and bring them back to working order.

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Spring Repair

As your garage door ages, it becomes less effective. The steel loses resiliency and the door begins to weigh more. When springs move towards the end of their lifespan, owners need to apply more force to lift the door, almost as much as the door’s weight.

Screenshot 2023-01-28 120456.png

Roller Replacement

Good quality garage door rollers allow for a smooth transition of the door between being closed and opened. Poor or damaged rollers can result in the garage door stuttering while moving up and down the tracks.

Screenshot 2023-01-28 120649.png

Track Repair

Have a broken or dysfunctional garage door that is stuck in an awkward position? Apart from the visual impact, a defective or broken garage door can cause significant damage to other parts of your house.

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